BASP CX Candlestick

Bay Area Super Prestige is our home turf CX race series. The sandy. pot-holed, landfill of a course might be the nightmare of some but for us it pure joy. Walton, Rainier, and Derek all showed up ready to fight. The second the race was started it was total war, the three bridged up and held the front, they OWNED the front. The whole race MASH dominated the front end, working together and pulling each other along. I don't remember the last time I saw such an exciting race, especially one that your team is holding down. 

In the last lap there was some technicals on the back of the course that put a gap between 3rd place and Rainier. 

 Eddy raced in the B's, and although he stayed away from the front there was no question he was having the most fun out there.