Mission workshop : Andrew Low//

Andrew Low started his small aluminum bike frame company in 2010; now he now makes some of the best aluminum bikes in the world. Mission Workshop hosted a talk with Andrew about his street bred brand, where it came from, and who keeps it running. The building was filled with bikes and frames, colors and styles that tell the visual story of success, beauty, trial and error. Among the renditions Andrew had on display, he highlighted his brand new gloss orange road bike. The design of this particular bike has been in the works for a few years and he didn't cut anything short. The bike looks like a perfect machine. 

The humble, honest, and friendly builder talked about the support he has gotten from his team, the community, his friends and how it has fueled his appetite to design the best bikes he can. His past experiences and his attitude towards performance and visual aggression has shaped these street weapons to be some of the most aggressive and visually stunning bikes on the road. Check out his website here

Thank you Andrew for sharing with us. You vision and passion is truly inspiring. I am excited to see what you come up with next.  

The Mission Workshop Builder Series talks are always streamed live on The Radavist so check in there for the next talk. You can watch the whole talk here.